Monthly Archives: February 2018

How does Satta Matka work

A lot has been said and discussed about the game known as Satta Matka. Let us look at how to play this game. This is a game of pure luck and chance. Some people may have different opinions. This is how you play the game of Matka. You have to choose 2 sets of 3 numbers each from 0 to ...

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New Spring Actions at Latvian SL Casino

SL Casino by Storm International announced a new spring event of 2018. It is “Spring Into Money” with 2500 EUR prize fund and an additional Jackpot. The event is held every week with the play-off on Saturday, said Darren Keane, Storm International CEO. The nearest final of the action is on April 7. The party starts at 20:00. The beginning ...

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Progressive and Regular Slot Machines

  When you are gambling online at an approved online casino, you may notice that there are progressive slot machines as well a regular slot machines.  You may wonder what the difference is between the two different types of slot machines. Regular slot machines have been around for a long time.  Today, they are all electronic.  No longer do ...

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