How to read your opponents in an online rummy game

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We cannot stress enough about the importance of reading your opponents when playing rummy. How your opponents react, what cards they discard and what cards they pick, and also, how fast or how slow do they complete their turns are all important giveaways of what kind of a hand they have, and whether they seem to be in control of the game or struggling to stay in the game. 


However, online rummy does not let you actually see your opponent. He could be sitting far away on his phone or PC and there is no way you can read his expression or body language. Having said that, online rummy does let you guess the situation and turn it to your advantage by merely focussing on the opponent’s actions during the game. Here is how you can read your opponents in an Online Rummy Game. Most of what we are going to tell you will be a mix of analytical skills and predictions, but through repeated practice, you will be able to learn these tricks and know when and how to implement them. 

Keep an eye on the cards discarded by the opponent

What cards are discarded by your opponents is an important measure of their experience and skill. 

If you notice that the opponent is just discarding cards that do not help you in any way, it would be fair to say that he has a fair idea of the cards you are holding and hence is trying his best to prevent you from gaining an advantage. This shows that your opponent is an experienced rummy player who has practised the game for a long time and has learned how to control the opponent’s gameplay.

However, if you notice that the opponent is discarding only high-value cards that help you form a sequence, it could very likely be a sign that the opponent is playing with your psyche. This is because even if you form a sequence with high-value cards, you will find it difficult to declare the game and win it. This could also mean that the opponent knows how to manipulate the opponent. 

On the other hand, if the discarded cards are low-value cards and help you form a sequence, it could mean that the opponent is not very experienced. This could be your window of opportunity to win the game quickly, without giving a chance to the opponent.

Notice the cards being picked up by your opponent

If you see the opponent picking up cards from the open deck, after a few turns you will know exactly which cards he is holding. This can help you counterattack, by not discarding any cards that could assist your opponent.

However, if the opponent picks up the cards from the closed deck, not all is lost. Suppose the open deck has a king of hearts and the opponent does not pick it up, it is a sign that this particular card is of no use to the opponent. You can do some mental calculation based on this fact and also observe the cards you are holding along with the cards discarded by you or the opponent. This will tell you a lot about the opponent’s hand too.

How your opponent is using Jokers

If your opponent is discarding jokers, it could mean that the player is not experienced and does not understand the usefulness of joker cards. In very rare cases, the opponent could also be discarding the joker cards because he has other cards in his hand that he can use to form a pure sequence. 

However, if you see the opponent picking jokers, well, it can only mean that he is trying to quickly close the game and does not mind using the joker for the same.

As we explained, these simple steps go a long way in helping you understand the psychology of your opponents. By making these observations for a few games, you will automatically learn how to work out the pattern and win more games than ever before.