Online poker   

Online poker has been increasing over the years with more gamblers looking to get involved and take part in poker, especially when the game is online now with different platforms offering a selection of different online poker games with betting sites not on gamstop offering a selection and when looking you can find some more available across the internet with online poker platforms now being some of the most visited across the world with millions of gamblers visiting the platforms each week.

Is online poker popular? 

Poker has been a popular game for a long time with gamblers across the world choosing to play poker over any other casino game and since poker has been available online it has become more popular than anyone could have imagined. Online poker is one of the most played on games across many different online casinos with gamblers having different types of online poker games to choose from so they are never short of options to play on.  

Online poker is popular with more gamblers heading to online platforms to play the game instead of them heading down to the local casino they are now heading to different online platforms to play their favourite games.  

Why did poker move online? 

Poker moved online due to the pandemic causing lockdowns which saw the closure of land-based casinos around the world and led casinos to head to online platforms to still be able to operate a business and to offer gamblers a platform they can still play on and access. Even with the pandemic easing and casinos being allowed to open the doors again, gamblers are staying at the online platforms to play online poker instead of heading back to the casino. 

There was not much of a choice for poker game providers due to if they did not move to an online platform then they would miss out on a lot of business over the course of the pandemic. Since moving to online platforms poker is now more popular than it ever has been before with millions of gamblers playing online poker games at least once a week. There are more poker games expected to head to online platforms after seeing how popular they have become with other users. 

With this information, you will see why online poker has become so popular and why poker needed to move to online platforms with the pandemic causing them to do so.