Know the terms of the bonus offered before joining an online casino site

For many years, it has been a practice of the casino companies to offer bonus to the players. In general, the bonus is offered as a welcome bonus to the players when they make their first deposit. There was a time in the past when the old casinos were not required to publish the terms and conditions of the bonus. The investor used to find that after investing his money in many rounds of gambling, he is entitled to get the bonus amount credited to his account. But now the rules have changed and the online casino websites are expected to publish the terms and conditions of the bonus in fine print in their website. Before signing in, a player will be able to know when he will get the bonus and in what amount.

Bonuses are generally given to the players by the bookmakers online only to boost their luck in the game and also to encourage them. They are offered in different amounts and types.

Nowadays the condition that is prevailing in the market is that the player needs to spend the full bonus amount three times in gambling before he is entitled to get the bonus credited to his account. For example, if you are entitled to a bonus of $100, you will have to gamble $300 of winnings before you can get the bonus amount credited. Some casinos are very strict in giving you the bonus and as per their conditions the player needs to spend nine times the amount before getting the bonus.

Some other peculiar conditions that you may get include usage of the bonus in not all but in some of the games. They also provide with certain time conditions that you will have to use the bonus within a specified time limit. This type of bonuses should be avoided and you can find some other online casino site for signing up. Suppose you are willing to play blackjack and you get a bonus which allows you to use it only on roulette and keno, there is no point in getting that bonus. A good online casino will allow you to use their given bonus on a wide variety of games and the usage will span for at least a few months. It is advised to always search for those types of online casino websites which offer good terms and conditions of bonus offerings.

Though most online casinos offer welcome bonus, there is also another type of bonus offered known as cash back bonus. This is one of the rarest types of bonuses and to obtain this bonus, the player does not need to make any future obligations to the website owner. Cash back bonus is a compensation given to the player for the losses he has incurred in gambling during a certain period of time by playing through that online casino site. The amount of such bonus generally varies from 10 to 15 percent of the loss amount and the time frame of using that bonus amount also varies across different websites.