Baccarat is a smart casino game always played by the wealthiest people, and was always James Bond’s chosen game of free online slots. It is a very intense game that engages placing sightless bets on 1 of 2 results – the player or the banker with the higher hand. This little article aims at helping you understand how to deal with your baccarat cards to win. So, read on and learn now!

How baccarat cards are dealt?

Two hands are dole out of two cards respectively, from one shoe in baccarat, normally stocked up with 8 card decks. One hand is the player hand while the other hand is the Banker hand. Any number of player can bet on each hand’s outcome, betting that, it’s either the player hand that is approaching to nine or the banker hand that is closer to nine.

On the table, the deal moves clockwise between the parties that are betting. The player to deal will dispense two cards and send them to the banker of the table. The banker is the casino representative managing the chips. The first hand dispensed is normally the player hand and the next hand is normally the banker hand. At times, as soon as the shoe is waddled, the initial card turned over would show the number of cards the dealer must toss away (burn) amidst deals for every hand.

Therefore, if the initial card over is 2 of Hearts, that dealer would toss away two cards amid each hand till the shoe is shuffled again.


With this write-up, you must have at least known how the baccarat cards are dispensed and its stable winning way. You can practice this online before playing and try your best as you learn more from our daily posts. This part of understanding how cards are dealt is vital because it makes winning easier and somehow fast.