Best Choices for the Horse Racing Choices

Horse betting must have value. Here value means horses that show a long-term benefit of betting. It’s like buying £ 20 notes for £ 15.

How do you know when you have value?

Here we will discuss how professionals do it. Then in the following articles we will show you a couple of “cheaters” or easy shortcuts. There are 3 basic steps:

Phase 1: Probability of victory

Estimate the probability of winning each horse in a race or you’re running out of time only horse that is thinking about betting. With the best horse racing betting sites now you can expect the best.

Phase 2: Value Price

Converts the possibility at a price. The “real price” or “value for money”

Phase 3: comparison of the Quota value

Compare the odds available for the actual price to be calculated. Only bet on the horses if the offer price is higher than the calculated price.

How much can we earn?

For example, if you make a real 9/1 horse chance that is, you earn 10% of their career but you can bet at 14/1, then you will make a 50% profit on the turnover like buying £ 20 notes for £ 13.33. However, if you bet the same horse at 6/1 you lose 30%. How to pay £ 26 for £ 20 notes.

Making 50% of turnover is the equivalent of £ 100 every £ 50 strike wager put on long term pocket. If we could find a horse one day like this it would make £ 50 a day or £ 15,600 a year if you take Sunday like we do. This is tax free on the street. You want to pay around £ 30,000 in a real job to get the same take home. As you will have the horse racing betting sites online the deals are open for you.

Like the estimated winning horses probability

The happy bets 9/1 to 14/1, but the realistic odds you have to have the bank, balls and emotional stability to bear nine losers for each winner.

Currently my attention tends to be at the forefront of the market because they have been banned for all bookies we bet with and now we give information to a small group of regular customers. Many of my clients are friends, and we don’t want the pain of wasting time running like me and the center in horses with a greater chance of winning. we guess you are very similar to them and therefore we suggest you do the same especially in the first few days. We advise you to start by calculating the probability of winning horses as soon as they are interested in betting instead of each horse in every race, like me.

  • First imagine running the race 10 times.
  • Realistically estimate how many times your horse will win.

The general rule of thumb to evaluate the horse’s ability is to convert all horse shows a numerical value. The higher the number, the better. We call it a rating. The difference between the two horse figures is called the pound advantage. If a horse has an advantage of 10 kilos they estimate that he wins 4 times by 10 or 40%. If you have a £ 20 lead we think 6 of 10 wins and 60%. A similar extrapolation could be used