Winning is the Key for Online Betting

If you want a bank for seven matches, then you need a budget of 127 times. For example, for the first rate of 5 dollars for a five-stage strategy, a budget of 155 dollars is required, and for a seven-stage strategy with the same initial rate of 5 dollars, 635 dollars are required. In theory, Martingale’s betting strategy sounds great. In our example, it allows you to make a profit only by getting one correct result out of five.

Many inexperienced people will say that it is impossible to win five or seven consecutive bets, but in fact it’s not so. No matter how good it sounds, Martingale’s betting strategy is pretty risky. For the Sbobet88 indonesia this is important.

The Martingale strategy has the advantage that it can be used in many types of bets and in many situations.

Total 2.5 martingale in football

We are talking about bets with two options, where the odds are either balanced (1.80-1.95), or when one of the options is considered to have a lower probability of winning. And implicitly slightly higher chances (+2.00, can even reach 2.40).

Martingale system in football

Suppose we bet more or less on the total, but which matches do we choose? We have several options:

  • We select a team and place bets only on its matches. However, the obvious problem here is that it will take a long time until we get a decent profit.
  • And if you choose a championship in which matches are held at different times (such as RFPL). Bet on all matches at the stage in accordance with the Martingale strategy.
  • We analyze several matches a day and choose, for example, only those where the chances of more / less are at least 2.00. We believe that there are great chances in the success of a potential bet.
  • We recommend the third option for two main reasons. First of all, you can cover more matches on the same day, and thus you will get faster profits.

Secondly, you rely not only on luck, but also on your own sports knowledge. By combining Martingale with the ability to choose a decent amount of winning bets, your chances of making a profit in the long run also increase.

Tennis Martingale Strategy

In this case, we select a tennis match where the favorite is met with a coefficient of 1.30 until victory and the outsider. The bet goes live from 0: 0 and only if the outsider will be the first to serve in the match.

As an example, take the match between Verdasco and Gulbis, where Verdasco started as a favorite (coefficient 1.25), and Gulbis as an outsider (4.00). Gulbis was the first to make breaks, and in this situation the chances for Verdasco to win increased and reached a coefficient of 2. In this case, you can safely bet on the victory of the favorite at an increased coefficient.