Why is it a good idea to play poker using bitcoin?

One of the more popular trends that are beginning to surface in the online gaming community is the use of the increasingly popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

What makes playing with this currency so popular is that it 100% digital, meaning that when users invest in bitcoins or even buy bits of the cryptocurrency from other users there are no charges from banks nor can banks trace the money as it doesn’t exist.

If you take a look at the history of the bitcoin you will know that there are only 21 million complete bitcoins in the world. This number can never be decreased nor can it be increased.

Meaning that bitcoin is one of the few staple forms of currency that the world has, as if the currency can only gain in value as the bitcoin is not based on material goods such as gold or silver, it is based on a mathematical equations, which allows users to break their coins into an infinite amount of bits, which is why bitcoin can be used by so many people without having to worry out the currency running out.

The general mathematics behind this is that every time a bit of a coin is broken up into smaller bits the value of the 21 million coins then increases, meaning that the greater number of people making use of bitcoin the higher that value of the coin becomes, which makes it perfect for poker players who are looking at investing what money they have, that and having their money grow in value as bitcoin becomes increasingly popular.

Is it safe to use bitcoin to play Poker?

One of the first questions which many players often ask is whether making use of bitcoin is safe or not.

This, of course, refers to the stability of the currency and the fact that in 2015 bitcoin was in fact unstable.

Fortunately, for the case of bitcoin and for all poker players out there who make use of bitcoin, at the current stage bitcoin is stable and in fact looks like it is about to become worth over $10 000 per coin in the next couple of months.

Why play online using bitcoin?

One of the key factors of bitcoin is that it is untraceable by governments and it is also not influenced by outside world politics or even the gold exchange, which is what makes play poker with bitcoin so brilliant.

Lastly, another reason why it is a good idea to play poker that makes use of bitcoin is that bitcoin casinos give players higher odds and stack the house at a lower rate than anybody else, which is awesome if you are wanting to win big without the additional expenses.

The reason why these casinos can drop the price is thanks to bitcoin not needing to be taxed by government win players win or the casino wins.

If you are looking at opening your own bitcoin account here are some steps that you can follow to make sure you get everything right.