What are 1xbet Promo Codes?

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Got no idea how to use a promo code? Want to find out how? Take a read of this article and find out how you can make the most of your betting account by using promo codes from online bookies.

How to get a promo code

Getting a promo code to use with your betting account is easy on ProTipster. The easiest way to get a bonus code or promotion is simply to use your account. Every time you post a tip or add a coupon on the ProTipster website, you earn ProTipster coins. Coins can be saved in your wallet and put towards buying a bookie bonus from the shop – however you will need to match your bookie account with your ProTipster account to be eligible.

You can also get promo codes from ProTipster by following us on social media and subscribing to our newsletters. If you follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube you’ll get notifications on your device when we share bonuses and promo codes, so that you can take immediate advantage of them. You can also get 1xbet promo codes delivered to your email inbox in our regular tips and coupons email newsletters – so make sure you open those too!

How to use a promo code

Once you’ve got your 1xbet promo code, you need to know how to use it. The simplest promo codes to use are for welcome bonuses. Simply enter the code in the relevant box when you sign up for your bookmaker account and you’ll get all the benefits that come with it.

Some promo bonuses come in the form of links. These are also very simple to use, and they will direct you to the terms and conditions page which will tell you how much (if anything) you need to deposit to qualify, what bets are eligible for the promotion and how many times you have to roll over the bonus to be able to withdraw it.

There are also promo codes which you can enter into a specific page from your dashboard. These codes will help you get free bets for specific promotions – again you’ll need to check the terms and conditions to see if you need to make a deposit and how many times you need to roll the bonus over to be able to withdraw your winnings. Now you know how to use a promo code, get to it – and good luck!