VR At The Casino, When?

Virtual Reality, or VR for the intimate, seems to be the future of video games and some would say that we are already there. The giants are warring with the blow of Oculus Ring or Valve for results more and more impressive even if we are still far from the graphic quality of a video game in 4k. In 2019, we have our first article on VR, made a point about virtual reality in Poker Online and it is not famous. We are far from the enthusiasm of the beginnings.

VR Games Available On Online Casinos

The VR Casino opens up a fully interactive space and a gaming experience far more immersive than that of a traditional casino. The virtual reality online casino should therefore soon adopt this revolutionary format – logical for a field that continues to progress towards new technologies.

For now, there is a Microgaming roulette, released in 2014, and SlotMillons casino which offers some games adapted to Occulus Goggles (without, we just see the games in 3D) and not much else. NetEnt, a gaming software company has launched one of its titles on VR with Gonzo’s Quest. So we can find that in a decade, it is still little for players technology fans. Several explanations can be found for this phenomenon. The technology is not right or not right. The problem of VR is a heavy technology that requires dedicated software. The strength of online casinos is good to play without downloading. Virtually Virtual Reality would require online casino players to download the game to install the game. If you’re looking for graphics, you can expect a nice rendering, because VR in an online casino is less greedy and demanding than a game of war on a distant planet, it would still be very heavy to manage and therefore more expensive for casinos. At the level of security, it is an additional flaw that is likely to open. In the end, it’s a real investment for casinos without having the certainty that the players will be equipped or interested. In addition, the casino must choose which VR system its game will work.