Understanding a Slot Machine Game

In the past, slot machine players were considered as the second-class citizens of casinos. There were small jackpots in these games and the payout percentage was very low. This was the reason why slot players were not eligible for complimentary bonuses like Signup amount, free rooms, free meals and others. Everything was centeredon table players. They were treated like important persons; all the bonuses and offers were designed to cater their requirements. In the present scenario, things have changed considerably and now casino industry is collecting 70% of its revenue from slot machines. In some figures, it is even crossing 80% of the revenue.

Nowadays, the surprising fact is that more than 80% of first-time visitors are heading towardsjudi slotmachines. This is because it is comparatively easier for them to drop coins and push the button or pull the handle.

In this article, we will discuss the basics of slots for first-time visitors. Most of these strategies will help you win the game.


You have seen that many players opt for two or more slot machines at a time. In case the place is crowded, it is advised to limit yourself to one machine as you can focus on it. Even if the place is not crowded, it is advised to play at one machine. I remember the incident when a woman was playing on six slots. When she reached the number six machine, the first machine was giving a jackpot. She was far away and she could not do anything, but a passerby scooped some coins out of the first slot machine play.


Payout percentages have increased significantly when casinos figured out that it is profitable for them to hold only 5% of a dollar rather than taking ¼ or 10%. In Las Vegas casinos, the highest average payout is 95%.

After the advent of the Internet, things have changed immensely; you do not need to visit a real casino building in order to playjudi slot machine games. You can play your favorite games while sitting in the comfort of your home. There is no limit and you can play in two or more casinos. Search on the Internet to find the best payout online casino. While searching on the Internet, do not forget to check the reviews of online players. This will help you understand their payout rate. Another thing you need to understand, is to check whether they are certified from the concerned authority or not.