Top 5 Online Roulette Strategies

Roulette is one of the most popular online slot casino games in the industry with wheels featuring across all land-based, online and live platforms across the land. The game which started in 17th century Paris gradually gained popularity and expanded across the globe to be one of the most played games from Monte Carlo to Las Vegas.

On the back of the game’s popularity many gamers and experts have attempted to beat the game by creating strategy guides and methods of gaining an edge over the casino. Many casinos have experienced the issues that card counting has brought to blackjack but the hype around roulette strategy hasn’t gained much prominence in the industry so far.

Scott Manford, CEO of Easy Slots isn’t worried about the phenomenon: “There’s always going to be people who are going to try and take advantage of the system or beat the casino. It’s just part of the industry and there’s nothing we can do about it. However, all our games are designed to have algorithms that are unbeatable, unless you’ve got the software, of course.

“Live roulette is slightly different to online roulette in the sense that the game is played in accordance to real probabilities rather than algorithms that are intended to mimic real probabilities so it makes it slightly harder to second guess the online roulette wheel.”

European Single 0 vs American Double 0

Many people think that it’s advantageous to play American roulette over the European version of the game because of the two pockets 0 that’s on the wheel. Both roulette wheels are actually identical bar the additional double 0 pocket, this means that there’s less chance of landing the 0 as there’s more pockets for the ball to fall into. The first rule of roulette is always play European roulette. Gather more about roulette by visit here.

The difference between a strategy and a system

There’s a subtle difference between having a strategy that helps you keep discipline and having a system that has a recognisable edge over the casino. The question remains will you start off betting large and fast and try and maximise profits or will you bet slow and small and analyse the numbers that the wheel is throwing out.

Here are some of the best roulette strategies and methods on the markets for success

The Martingdale:  This is a strategy that could bring both good and bad fortune to a player but when it works it certainly is lucrative. If you’ve incurred a number of losses then there’s likelihood that there’s a win around the corner. Double up on your losses to restore the balance and continue to employ your strategy across the wheel.

The Fibonacci: Another great method of online gambling is the Fibonacci method which entails betting the size of your two previous bets on each and every spin or hand.

What must be remembered is that gambling by definition is the process of betting money with no strategy in mind, whether you win or lose is solely down to luck. There are few to none who can say they have an effective gambling strategy and on a similar note anyone who says they have an unsuccessful strategy doesn’t have a strategy.

There will always be players who try and beat the system, but for now me must sit back and watch players devise strategies. Its true there is no way to actually beat the casino whole-heartedly, but devising a method that incorporates discipline and logic is a good place to start. There are many websites like in the internet to start your online casino.