The Poker in the Right Choices Now

Even before cards are dealt, betting takes place, this is called the small blind and big blind. Just a word in advance, The dominoqq dealer button (DB) will be dealt with later, every time a new game of poker starts, the dealer button shifts a player’s place. In this way every player is the dealer once. In the casino the cards are always dealt by an employee of the casino itself, but in smaller tournaments this can also be done by the players themselves.

Small blind and big blind bet

The player next to the dealer (the dealer is the player with the dealer button DB) is the first to make a mandatory bet, this is called the small blind.

The player next to the small blind also makes a mandatory bet, which we call the big blind. The aim of the small and big blind is to prevent the game from being played without betting. Only after the small blind and big blind have made their bets are the first cards dealt.

1st round at Poker: Each player receives 2 closed cards

If the small and big blind are deployed, each player receives two closed cards. If the cards are dealt, it is up to the player next to the big blind to decide what he or she is doing. Everyone must decide for themselves whether the cards are good enough to continue playing. It is now the player next to the big blind to decide between:

  • Folding, you stop playing (no longer participates in the game and no longer has a chance at the pot)
  • Call, you go with the stake of your predecessor (does not increase) say call, and place the same bet as the predecessor
  • Raise, you increase the highest bet so far

In this way it is all players’ turn to fold, call or raise. When all players have made their move (fold, call or raise), it is the turn of the small blind and the big blind again. They have the opportunity to raise after which the table is rounded again, or to check. Checking is indicated with a hand gesture, once tapping the table with the flat hand means we check.

If the small blind and big blind have both checked, the 1st round is over and the dealer collects all the chips that the players have used so far. These go into the pot.

The second round of the game starts, it starts with the flop

The first three open cards that are now face up in the middle of the Poker table are called the flop.

The remaining players must now make a choice again. The player next to the dealer button (DB) is the first to place a bet.