The Indonesian domino poker qiu qiu

Qiu Qiu is a game originated from Indonesia. It is a type of poker live domino game. It is brought up from pai gow. It is also known as “Domino 99” or “99 domino poker”.

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The game main poker Qiu Qiu is played using double six dominoes that take the form of small cards and are later discarded due to wear. For playing the game, the players are required to pay a specific or fixed amount or ante into the pot. When the cards are evaluated the player is required to call, bet, raise or fold. If in the first round there is only one bettor, then bettor wins taking all the amount in the pot, and the game ends otherwise the remaining players have to deal with a fourth card leading to another round of betting. The limit in the 2nd round has to be higher than the first round.

After the final round, the players who didn’t fold are required to reveal their hands, and the pot goes to the player with the highest hand.

The pips in the pair of cards are summed up where the only unit digit is considered, and the tenth digit is not. For example, a total pip of 23 results to 3 and total of 19 becomes 9. So the highest pair in the game possible is 9. But three special hands rank above a pair of nine.

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  1. High- where total pips add up to 38 or above.
  2. Low- total pips add up to 9 or below.
  3. Four doubles- four double dominoes.

The fourth special hand ranks above all special hands except Qiu Qiu. If two players have two pairs of the same value or both of them have a straight, then higher is chosen by the higher double, and if neither of the players has higher double, then the winner is chosen through higher straight. A Straight is one where the pips of four dominoes which have a pip total of consecutive numbers. An example is 6-1 that is seven, 3-5 that is eight, 5-4 that is nine, 4-6 that is 10. To play this game, the player has to use bluffing tactics as well as mathematics to determine his/her next move.

The main poker Qiu Qiu is becoming popular day by day not only in Indonesia but also in all other major countries and casinos where poker live is played.