The Dos and Don’ts for the Casino Works


Do not fixate on favorite hands. Just because you flopped a 3-5 straight flush once doesn’t mean you have to play that hand every time. Likewise, ignore the reputed hands of professionals. Just because Brunson won two WSOP titles 10-2 doesn’t mean you should play that hand.

Throw the fry menu

Get rid of those little pairs. Okay, that’s not entirely true: if you’re face to face or have a short stack, make the most of it. But if you are seated at a full table in an early position, the only way for your two to win is that everyone folds or you flop a set, which, at 7.5 / 1, requires many “limpers ”(“Boxes ”, which follow the big blind) to get the correct pot rating.

No free card

Avoid underplaying big hands. Bet your pre-flop of aces and private kings and beware of the post-flop sets that are lying around. Okay, every once in a while it will be worth it and you will decimate another player’s stack, but frequently giving free cards to other players can quickly turn into a nightmare if they draw a straight or a color from behind.

Take a break

Long games are only good if you win in anadolu casino giriş. If it doesn’t work the way you want, it may be because the cards are not good for you, but the most likely reason is that you’re out of power. Take a break. Eat a chocolate bar or other candy. Just stop pressing the all-in button every time another player raises you.

Avoid the watered parts

Do not turn on your computer after drinking. In this case, playing a quick game can cost you a lot and you will have a worse hangover than the last time you competed in Absinthe with this funny guy.

Stay focused

Concentrate as much as you can on every hand. Play each one as best you can and don’t take your eyes off the table, even if you’re not in one hand, mentally taking notes on the other players and trying to anticipate each of their movements. And as tempting as it may sound to watch TV or browse porn sites while playing online, turn off the TV and keep your hands on the desk. Otherwise, you risk getting into a mess, in every sense of the word.

Avoid problem hands

An A-10 hand under fire at a 10-hand table is not necessarily a hand to play. Anyone who draws against you risks dominating you or having a closed pair. The problem is, you won’t know what to expect. You’d better open a pot with cards of lesser value at the button.