The Best You Can Have in Poker Games

In short, even if poker is not exactly a game of peach juice, what we advise you to do is pay attention to the amount of alcohol you drink: if two glasses can make you feel more relaxed and ready to play, in the within a few minutes you may find yourself playing too loose and unable to reflect as you should on betting and hand value.

The same is also true in the case of soft drinks or energy drinks, in fact too many sugars could risk causing you to get excited and unnecessarily distracted with the result that instead of concentrating your energy on the game you will be very distracted. To you to judge how much this can be dangerous for the final result. For the poker online options this is the best deal.

Bluffing so much to bluff is stupid

A lot of beginners think that bluffing is a fundamental part of poker even if, in reality, they can’t understand why. Others believe that to understand how to play poker you must first learn to bluff.

There are no precise rules for bluffing successfully, and it is not true that to play poker one must learn to bluff even if there are players who cannot feel satisfied if they do not win at least once thanks to a crafty bluff.

Of course, the pleasure of winning without the strongest hand is very great, but pays attention to the risks and tries to understand your opponents before doing anything.

In short, if someone continues to always go to the showdown anyway, it is certainly not continuing to re-launch indefinitely that you will convince him to leave the victory of the hand. Better not to bluff than to do it “so much”. Bluffing is an art and we advise you to learn how to do it in order to be able to get as much benefit as possible and obviously manage to win.

Don’t stay in one hand just because you’re there by now

Another quite common mistake made by beginners is to think that “by now I put so much into the pot that it’s up to stay in the game”.

Crap, if you know how to play poker you will hardly make this mistake. In fact, if there is no chance that your hand will improve, you will certainly not be throwing even more money at it than you will be able to win it. What you have put into the pot no longer belongs to you and it is not by continuing to play that you can take it back. So avoid continuing to play if you don’t have a good hand and as we suggested in the first point you learn to fold.

Don’t keep calling just to be sure

This point should be read together with the previous one. Many players continue to play by inertia, because “now they are” and even if they are sure they have no chance of winning, they still want to see what they have been beaten with.

How many players continue to call final raise only “to be sure”, continuing to waste chips and money as if nothing had happened.