Take Note Of These Red Flags Inonlinebetting Sites

In this digital age, many businesses have shifted to online because it is more convenient and effective in reaching customers and availing of goods and services. Despite these benefits, online transaction is still not accepted by some because of the real threats it imposes such as identity theft, phishing, and hacking. But these matters can be mitigated ifyou practice caution at all times during an online transaction, especially if money is involved.

Today’s Challenges of Thailand’s Cyber Laws 

According to Internet Live Stats(2014), the population in Thailand which have internet access has increased by tenfold (5.7% to 27.4%) in the past years which puts pressure on the government to outline and pass cyber laws. This exponential growth in internet access has caused cybercrimes to hit financial damage thatcan surmount to 2.2% of the country’s total GDPwhichcorresponds to BTH $286 billion. 

This damage costs only proves that Thailand’s fast-developing digital economy paired with cyber-security experts shortage exposes its vulnerabilities to the cyberworld. Because of this, The Cybersecurity Act and The Personal Data Protection Actwere passed recently to protect the digitalized data of its citizens particularly the large corporations, who are the primary targets of cyberattacks.Over the past years, Thailand’s government has continuously vested millions of dollars for ITsecurity supports alone to address the emerging cyber problems particularly in line with online betting which is strictly prohibited to operate in the country.

The Red Flags of Online Betting Site

As an online gamer, it is your sole responsibility to protect yourself from frauds and you can easily spot them using the following red flag checklist below. 

Website Interface

  • The absence of a padlock icon before the web address is a clearindicationthat the site is illegally operated because it lacks the security features which are the requirement for acquiring that padlock icon.
  • The site that begins with http://is vulnerable to interception from any third parties making it unsecure and unsafe to navigate. A site that is guaranteed safe has a scheme that begins with https:// wherein the “s” signifies “secure connection” depicting the presence of Total Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) (TLS/SSL) encryption technology which protects your data from being stolen.
  • The content of the site has broken links and grammatical errors. A legit site displays its content in an understandable manner particularly the terms and conditions of the users.
  • The site does not showclear ownership. Legit sites display detailed information about the owners of the sites, especially if it is an online gaming platform.
  • The money transaction is complicated with no real-time responses coming from the customer service support.Transactions involving money should be seamless, secure, and flexible for it to be deemed safe and secure to use.

Unlicensed Online Betting Site

  • The site is not acknowledged by a licensed gambling regulatory entity(International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR))and does not have a brick-and-mortar counterpart.

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