Smart Casino Games with the Effects  Now for You

It is essential to be limited in time, in addition to trying to limit the loss of money. If you play 3 hours in a row, it will not be really a leisure activity for you, but a certain stress. You risk falling asleep thinking only of this, thinking about how you can make up for your losses in the next session, dreaming of slot machines or blackjack tables.

Choose your casino well

There are hundreds of online casinos. They all look different, but when you look in detail they all seem to be proposing the same thing, with a few details.

Precisely, these details are important:

  • The type of bonus available (we will come back to it).
  • The ability to control your own actions: A good online casino will allow you to set deposit limits, or bet limits. History of not tilting and slam your 500 dollars in one hour.
  • Customer service. Do not hesitate to test it, especially on their live chat. You’ll quickly see if they speak French, if they respond quickly, if they help you. Because you will probably have doubts about deposits, withdrawals, bonus conditions and they must help you solve them.

The language of the casino: It’s still easier if the casino is available in English.

  • Take advantage of bonuses and their conditions, but in a smart way  
  • Ah, the famous bonus of online gaming sites. Whether it’s playing lotto, betting on sports or throwing roulette, online gaming sites offer tantalizing bonuses for you to sign up for.
  • And there you say “cool, free money.” Carried away by the illusion, you tell yourself that you will register, deposit 100 dollars, receive the bonus of 100 dollars and withdraw 200 dollars.
  • Ah cons they had not thought, I’ll have them so much.
  • Nothing is free in this world, my poor sir.
  • Finally, almost nothing.  
  • Roulette casino
  • In the long run, it’s always better to be on this side of the wheel.

No deposit bonuses. They are really free. In the case of casino sites, it is often bonuses to the registration. We offer you 5 dollars here, 10 dollars there, just to thank you for signing up.  With the BGO online casino review you can understand the options you can have.

Deposit bonuses. To receive the bonus, you must first deposit money. The casino will pay you a percentage of your deposit. Depending on the casino, it can go from 50 to 200%. Not bad anyway.  

The bonuses “free spins”. The casino offers you free reel rides at slot machines

But most importantly, what you have to understand is that these bonuses come mostly with withdrawal conditions.  

To be able to withdraw your winnings, you have to play a certain number of times the amount of the deposit and the bonus. This number of times is called play through. For example on some casinos, you will be asked to play 20 times the total deposit and bonus. Yes, that’s a lot and it is likely that you lose some of your earnings.