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To get the big win when you play Lottery Online is not easy. Read the following notes immediately, and don’t forget visit to have the best experience:

  • You can rely on the interpretations used by the ancients. Accordingly, we find the relationship between the shadow of the numbers and then bet. On the other hand, you based on the five elements, the chi as well as the numbers corresponding to the 12 animals. In this way, we will quickly find the right number to bring us luck. This is a traditional method for predicting bridges but the accuracy is great. Therefore, you should enter the money early to bring yourself luck as
  • If today you return to 126, 261, or 162, please pay in 612 or 512 on the next day. Because these numbers are closely related. This can bring you many unexpected flourishes.

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For example, 010 appears the day before, the next day you should bet early on 060 and 898. At the same time if 060 today is already the next day you should hit 010 and

  1. These numbers indicate enough when the bridge is out, so you must pay attention to make the correct bet decision!

Also, when seeing the previous day out 22 you should hit immediately 12-21 or 19-91 the next day. These pairs are also likely to appear very large.

Moreover, when you see there is 1 continuous in 2 consecutive days. This is very likely the next day more numbers like 00, 11 will come out.

You should play 272 if the day before went back to 242 again. On the other hand, if you see block 272 for today, 787 will bring you a big win on the next day.

So what if there are 787 today? It is very possible that number 484 will return immediately to help you safely get back to shore. In case you see 484 for the next day, you should play 464 and 050 to win big the next day.

On the contrary, this afternoon, lot 363 will be back then 383 will be out the next day! Also if today you see 383, bet big 767 for the next day!

When you see 545 for this afternoon, the next day you play 565.

If you see 565 then the next day to play immediately 595 really accurate.

Also, when 747 has returned, 797 is very suitable for you to win big on the next day.

Conversely, what should you do if 797 are back? At this time, the money immediately 737 and vice versa will bring great luck to you there.

Play early 232 the next day if 343 returned the day before. In fact, the opposite is also true!

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