The thing is, people would do anything for money. Whether it is legal or unlawful, still, some individuals would bet and put even their lives at stake in able to gain double. But this does not only apply for the people who suffer from impoverishment. Actually, even those who have everything are still working really hard just to earn more.

MORE: That is the number one motive of those who have power, leaving the poor get poorer and making themselves get richer by the second.

Ever in the past 2000s years, there are multiple types of vices that humans are doing for the sake of cash. This may be selling illegal drugs, getting themselves involved in a crime where they will receive dollars or gold if they did what they have been told to, and as well as betting.

Betting is a pursuit of pleasure and lavishness; it is a game of chance. There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages experiences that you may get with this pure-play of cards. But still, many are captivated and a follower of this dissipating game. 

To add to your knowledge, betting in Kenya, Africa is the most known game in their country – to be specific, sports betting in Kenya. This has started way, way back in the early 2000s and up until now, the netizens in their motherland are cowering over just to bet on a sports team they have expected to win able to be paid up double.

However, without knowing with the many possibilities that may happen when betting, it will only be another vice that will become a nuisance to your everyday lives. 

That is why read the infographic created and designed by Chezacash with the information about the pros and cons of betting: