Poker is most played game across the world and it has many versions which are equally and enjoyable. These games are not only played in casinos but also at parties at home gatherings and now after the advent of online play it can be played by a single person in the privacy of his room.

It’s a card game with a difference but once mastered can get you a lot of money. Many players have turned professional online poker into a lucrative proposition for earning good money and it is one of the most sought after games in the casinos too.Image result for PLAYING POKER ONLINE

A poker player gets quite addictive to this game as it the urge to try on and on and if you are on the winning streak or a losing one you keep pushing your luck. Hence one must be careful and be a patient, observant and careful player.

There are different kinds of sizzling hot poker such as stud poker, draw poker, community card games, high Chicago and low Chicago, follow the queen, count down, billabong, guts, five-o poker, Kuhn poker, real estate and many other variants.

Here in online casinos the player has only the single player games, multiplayer games and the popular of all Texas Hold’em which is widely played across the globe by online players as offered by the casinos.

HOW is poker played?

There are different kinds of hands the player can have – it is always good to grab an understanding about the game. For example – Full house

Example of the kind of hand a player can play – J J J 6 6

Three of one number and two of another number. Whoever has the highest number in the three of a kind is awarded the pot.

Nuances of the game

The LvBet game starts clockwise on the table and the big blind and small blind, as to say the two players who would have placed their bets have already bet there chips. The dealer deals two cards each to the players these are called hole cards, not that they have a hole in them, they are referred so. The dealer deals three more cards facing up at the centre of the table it is known as the flop, which should not be taken literally as disaster but the terminology used. There is another round of betting by the players and the dealer deals the fourth card. This fourth card is called the turn here the players can bet or fold their cards as done before, because a new shoe of cards or pack is used for every new game a loss of card will not matter in particular. When the final card is dealt it is known as the river. And further betting is done. The player has to make the best possible poker hands mentioned above using the hole cards and the five cards layer out in the centre to win the pot. The player with best hand wins and this is known as showdown in poker.