People who are addicted to casinos

North America leads the way for having the most casinos. The number was sixteen hundred twenty-three the last time someone counted in 2011. The U.S casino gaming in the street itself is huge with revenue in 2016 of 73.1 billion dollars. There are far fewer casinos in the east but Macau China is the home to the most famous casino in the world. It is The Venetian. The building is the 12th most expensive building in the world with 10,500,000 square feet. Five hundred fifty thousand square feet is just for the casino, 4200 machines, and tables, 53 bars, and restaurants, private rooms, shops, gyms, swimming pools, three thousand guest rooms, etc. The Venetian is actually owned by the U.S.A’s Las Vegas Sands. Right now WinStar World Casino in the United States is the largest casino in the world.

Online Casino:

The casino is mainly a ‘Gambling Game’ that has been spread throughout the world. There are some websites or applications that provide casinos to play online. Some trusted sites also catch gamblers such as trusted online casino Malaysia etc. A casino is nothing but a game of money. Online casinos are the new and profitable trick by the business holders. Nowadays smartphones are a very important part of human lives. So, businessmen are using the new strategy to attract people to their online casino sites with various winking offers. From the internet, people get access to many websites just by clicking on a link. There the attractive games wait for them.

There are some websites that are trusted or untrusted. Mostly all over the internet, the number of fake or unauthorized or untrusted websites is huge instead of the trusted sites. But the financial risks are still there where it is trusted or not. Though gambling is banned in several countries like Qatar, Cambodia, India, North Korea but online casinos are always active over there.

Effects of Casino:

 There are many online websites or apps named 1×bet, Casino Days, Pure casino etc provide online casino platforms to the common folks. They are the trusted platforms who even alert people before participating. But the effects on the common people are still clear.

The first thing which affects the most is addiction. Addiction to gambling is the worst effect of casinos. This can be a threat to people’s life mostly for the youngsters. Casino addiction may harm mental stability and the result can be worse.

The next thing that affects mostly is financial breakdown. Affection to casinos may cause financial risks. People are much interested in playing the betting games where there is a chance of gaining more money. But sometimes they face losses and again they invest more money to recover and gain more. And again they lose. Even worse, many gamblers get bankrupt overnight.

People who are very addicted to casinos, sometimes become addicted to banned or harmful drugs and alcohol. Sometimes they get in touch with various criminal activities.

Overall, playing casinos is a crime in many countries. It is banned by the governments for the goodwills of the citizens. But nonetheless a large number of people are addicted to the casino tables and the gambling heads are enjoying advantages.