New rummy tricks you can use to play and impress your friends

In order to win a game of rummy, it is important to have a complex and intricate knowledge of the game. This knowledge and understanding are the results of continuous practice, learning, and assessment of your own skills. Even though the rules in rummy are pretty simple, there are always different tricks and strategies you can use to enhance your rummy skills. So that next time you are with your friends, and you decide to play game of rummy, use these strategies to be two steps ahead of them. Read on to learn about a few of the new rummy tricks which you can use to impress your friends.

Different rummy tricks to ace the game and impress your friends

  • The art of bluffing

Usually, when you play rummy it is advised to discard your high-value face cards at the beginning of the game so that you do not collect a lot of points. However, sometimes, you can bluff your opponents (or in this case, your friends), by using this common trick against them. You can discard a few low-value cards at the beginning of the game, just to bluff them and see how they react. They might believe that you have a good hand with you already, and are about to declare soon. As such, they might discard some cards in the panic, which might prove to be useful to you.

  • Avoid picking cards from the open deck

It is always smart to avoid picking cards from the open deck unless you absolutely have to. Picking cards from the open deck lets your opponents know the kind of sets and sequences you are trying to form. As such, they might have an upper hand in the game, which will help them to keep you from winning.

  • Discard cards closer to the wildcard joker

Usually, when you play rummy, there are 8 wildcard joker cards in a game of rummy, which can be used as substitutes for other cards. These cards are used to form impure sequences, by being a substitute to an important card missing in your hand. As such, discarding cards closer to the wildcard joker helps, as your opponents might rarely use them to form sequences with their real value.

  • Pay attention to the color of the cards

Another important trick would be to pay attention to the color of the cards your opponents pick and discard into the open deck. This will give you important information about the cards which are mostly safe for you to discard into the open deck. For instance, if your opponent picks mostly black-colored cards, you can assume that you shouldn’t be discarding any cards with the suits of spades and clubs on them. This is so because these are black-colored suits which might be useful to your opponents. The same logic applies to red-colored cards.


The above-mentioned are a few of the new rummy tricks and strategies which amateur rummy players usually do not know about. Integrate these tricks to your game, improve your chances of winning, and impress your friends.

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