Much Importance for the Poker Solutions

If you have decided to play online poker, you must first choose one poker program to play with. There are approximately 200 online poker sites online, or a large selection is available. It is worth trying on several sites everywhere there is a slightly different company and you need to find the places that will suit you the most. Before depositing money on an online poker site, find out about it in detail. The most important things are:

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Is there a game on the site with a limit that suits you?

If you are playing online poker for the first time, then it is better to start on sites where low stakes are possible. In many places there is a game with a minimum stake of $ 0.01 or $ 0.02. There is a possibility of free play ( money) on almost all sites, but these are completely frivolous tables, and playing at those tables has nothing to do with real poker. (They are suitable for learning to use software and getting to know the rules of the game in detail). Therefore, places with a small limit are more recommended than places where the game is free. In idn poker qq you can make use of the same now.

There are frequent competitions where you can enter for free and win money. It is worth participating in them. Rewards are not some serious amount of money (usually given in the form of bonuses, which means they cannot be raised) but this way you can gain a lot of experience.

Do they charge a commission when making a payment?

There are countless payment methods on online idn poker sites. The most common is by credit card. Usually, card payments are without commission, but there are sites where they deduct a certain percentage of the amount paid. To pay, you need to choose a card that is suitable for online payments. Visa Classic, for example, is a great solution. We also managed to repay the loan with a Visa Virtuon card from Raifeissen Bank.


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On many sites, you get a bonus when you make your first payment. It is worth reading the restrictions regarding such bonuses very carefully, because each site sets special conditions for raising it. Somewhere a couple of hours of play or a few hundred shares is enough, and sometimes it takes a few months of play to raise the bonus. If you are not careful enough, you can easily be deceived.

Raising profits

Everyone plays to raise a larger amount of money than the one they invested. It is generally possible to get a refund on a credit card. In some places, you can request delivery of money to your home address by express mail, which is more reliable than usual, but a commission ($ 20-30) is charged for this service. Ordinary checks are generally free, but it is necessary to be informed just in case, because there is where only one check per week / month is free, and there are places where each check is charged. In several places, it is possible to request a refund with a transfer order, but it almost always costs around $ 30.


There is generally a minimum amount that can be refunded (usually $ 50). This is important for the reason that, if you paid a small amount of money, and you did not manage to get it, then it is possible that you will not be able to claim the rest just like that.