Miller’s method in betting for You

According to Miller’s method, the rate should not exceed 1% of the deposit until the bank increases by 25%. Only then can the initial rate be increased by 25%.

Shchukin’s strategy in football matches

The strategy has a high risk, as it offers to bet on the size of the deposit. Matches for such a game are selected with a coefficient of 1.3. In the case of a long unbeaten streak, the bank increases by more than 1,000%.

Anti-Martingale strategy

The method suggests doubling the bet amount after 은꼴 winning, and leaving its original value if a loss occurs.


The essence of the strategy is to place a bet on an outcome that is opposite to any outcome in a pre-drawn express.

Corner bets

Here the player predicts the match and bets on the outcome, which is offered in three options: the first team wins, the second team wins or draws.

Corner kicks

Corral strategy

“Zagon” offers to bet on total goals in the second half, when the first one ends in a zero draw and the coefficient on TB 0.5 will increase significantly.

Football betting strategy “Lesenka”

With this strategy, 10% of the bank is allocated for betting, which are then used for the event with a coefficient of 1.1-1.2. The resulting winnings are always added to the amount of the main bet, after which a bet is made on the next match with similar odds.

Drawing up express bets on football

Multi is a combination of prediction bets for at least two matches. Calculated Express by multiplying the size of the rate coefficients multiplied on selected outcomes. In case of losing one event, the whole express bet loses.

Tips from professionals

We asked betting pros what advice they would give themselves early in their careers and got interesting answers.

Place your bet without emotion

How to win at a football bookmaker using a strategy? Follow the main rules: do not give in to excitement when you lose, and do not relax with a series of winning bets. In the first case, there is a desire to win back, increasing the amount of bets up to all-in. In the second, excessive self-confidence will appear, which leads to a loss of money due to an “unexpected” loss.

Bet on chance, not on the exact score

Double chance reduces the risk of losing, because out of three possible outcomes, the bet covers two at once. Therefore, instead of a bet, for example, W1 or W2, it is better to choose 1X or 2X. You can also use an alternative betting on the opponents’ handicap (0).

Starting Bank Percentage

Depending on the initial size of the pot, players recommend betting no more than 1-5% of the deposit.

The presence of tactics helps to make a profit in any business. Betting on sports is no exception: adhering to any of the listed strategies, the bettor has a chance to always remain with a win. The main thing is not to ignore the advice of experienced people, take into account the size of the deposit and choose a match wisely.