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In recent years, casinos in Asia have been opened one after another. Some countries have successfully attracted a large number of tourists through the gaming industry, created a huge consumer market, demonstrated rapid economic growth, and the benefits brought by it. At the end of the year, the American Gaming Association (AGA) will rank the world’s major casinos. This is the focus of people’s attention. This time, it brings you to the 2017 global top ten casino rankings.

The latest ranking of the world’s top 10 famous casinos

Game industry is a transnational trend, as a policy tool to revitalize economic development

After the Second World War, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania and other countries promoted economic recovery by developing tourism, and increased public income by advocating tourism and consumption encouragement. Among them, tourism and gambling have also sprung up. The opening of such rooms has subsequently affected Asian countries to follow up. Gaming is favored by developing countries. As a policy tool to revitalize the economy and develop tourism, it can earn a lot of foreign exchange, build a country and city image, and of course create a lot of employment opportunities and attract outsiders. Investment, therefore, the gambling industry has certain effects and benefits for the development of cities or regions.

  1. Cancun Palace Casino (Dubai, UAE)

When it comes to Dubai, many people will be impressed by its extravagant appearance. The well-known film series “Fate” was filmed in the area, which made the area’s popularity once again mentioned by everyone, and the local government announced its investment. With the new casino plan of MGM Mirage in Las Vegas, the Muslim world who cannot gamble also hopes to attract the emerging middle class with the charm of the casino. The Cancun Palace Casino has entered the list even more upset this time, which surprised everyone.

  1. Hyatt Hotel Casino (Mendoza, Argentina)

This time the Hyatt Hotel online casino was on the list and surprised many people, because it was the first casino in Argentina to be on the list. For Argentina, except for Messi, there seems to be no particularly impressive representative. This time it is located in Mendo. The Hyatt Regency Casino in Saskatchewan has entered the world’s top ten casinos, saving some of Argentina’s face in tourism, and I believe it will also attract many players to come here.

  1. Marina Bay Sands Hotel Casino (Singapore)

It consists of three huge hotel buildings and a ship-shaped outdoor venue (Sands SkyPark). The ship-shaped venue contains gardens, swimming pools, restaurants, and observation decks. Among them, the beach of Marina is a lot of points for this hotel. Because the Singapore government does not encourage nationals to gamble, citizens are required to pay entrance tax to enter the casino, and foreign tourists are not required to collect it.

  1. Ibiza Resort Casino (Ibiza Island, Spain)

The center of electronic music in the world, many well-known DJs come from here. Of course, not all there are countless electronic parties here. For example, there is a magnificent and extremely luxurious casino in the Ibiza Resort Hotel, and all the tourists after the experience have appreciated it.

6 Ritz Carlton Hotel Casino (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Puerto Rico, located in the Caribbean, is actually the territory of the United States, and the casino in the Ritz Carlton Hotel does not lose any hardware in the well-known casinos, except for the popularity, but this time the list is released, I believe its popularity is affirmed There will be a certain improvement.

  1. Macau Wynn Casino (Macau, China)

American casino tycoon Steven Wynn, known as the “Father of Las Vegas”, invested US$1.2 billion to build the Wynn Hotel. Adhering to this excellent pedigree, it is not surprising that this time he is on the list.

  1. Genting Highlands Amusement Park (Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia)

Malaysia is a country where gambling is prohibited. Therefore, Genting Highlands Recreation Ground is a legal casino located in Genting Highlands 1,800 meters above sea level. And unlike other casinos, there are more rides here, which is very suitable for the whole family to spend a holiday here. This year’s rise to fourth place means that its strength is affirmed.

  1. Happywood Resort Casino (Connecticut, USA)

The Happy Forest Casino Resort in Connecticut, with the prosperity of gambling combined with the popular classic elegance of the country club, makes many people think that Happy Forest is the most beautiful casino in the world.

2.Monte Carlo Casino (Monaco)

Among the many casinos in Monaco, the Monte Carlo Grand Casino is the oldest large-scale casino in European history and one of the three largest casinos in the world. Built in 1863, it is an antique and majestic palace-like building, and many royals and celebrities often visit here.

  1. The Venetian Resort Hotel (Macau, China)

The Venetian Macao (The Venetian Macao) covers an area of ​​10.5 million square feet. It is the largest stand-alone hotel in Asia and the second largest building in the world. It is also the largest hotel in Macau, with 3,000 luxury suites over 21 square feet. Etc… are all the aura that a permanent seat on the throne should have.


Finally, did some netizens discover that the American casino Las Vegas, which has been on the list over the years, is missing this time? The reason is that due to the impact of the shooting, the reputation and passenger flow of the casino have plummeted, and there is no hotel casino at all. It’s very regrettable.