How to Become the Best Poker Player?

Poker, a skill based game is often considered as a family of online card games. All poker variants involve betting as an essential part of the play and determining the winner of each hand according to the combinations of players’ cards. The poker games vary in the number of cards that are being dealt, the number of shared cards, the betting procedures and the number of cards hidden. Here is how you can play free online poker and become the best poker player:

Have the Mindset of a Pro

Poker players need to be mentally tough. Along with reasoning and hand-reading skills, poker players must also be in- tune with how their opponents are likely to act and think throughout a hand. Keeping a firm grip on their emotions is equally required. For this, they must embrace playing poker as a business and lifestyle and continuously treat it as such.


The most important attribute to becoming the best poker player is by experience. It is impossible to become a great poker player without investing your time into it. With the availability of online poker games and with the ability to play hundreds of hands an hour, it is possible to get the desired experience faster than ever before. To have a shot at becoming a great player, you have to play a minimum of 10,000 hours of poker. For this, you can play free online poker and start by playing small stakes.

Willingness and Desire to Learn

Practice is important but you will not improve unless you actively think about what your opponents are doing. In addition to this, you will require to seek few other poker strategies from other players who are better than you are. Having the desire and willingness to learn will help you to move forward in this step and you can start by going through books, one-on-one coaching, training videos and practice matches against your friends.

No Tilting

Poker professionals should have the ability to accept variance and avoid getting influenced by the negative bad beats on their gameplay. Optimal play is possible only when you play with sound logic and not emotionally sound decisions. Keep a firm grip on your emotional state in order to be profitable. Professionals who can’t take bad beats positively often tend to bleed off more chips and reload again and again after each loss.

Poker Training Apps

The poker training apps can be very useful for those who need to practice and learn at the same time. With so many programmes available online, these apps simulate poker hands against various types of opponents in different situations. You get to learn and practice without having to risk any money and also get a feedback on optimal playing lines.A good start to this would be toplay free online poker games.

In a nutshell

Being a pro at poker is tough but not impossible. Follow the above tips to ensure that you are working towards becoming the best poker player.