How Do People Pick Their Lottery Numbers?

Are you looking to play the lottery but you just aren’t sure about the numbers that you’re playing? Maybe you’ve never tried to pick out your own numbers before or you’ve never considered how other people are playing. Well, we’re going to take a look at how do people pick their lottery numbers. 

  1. They Don’t

The number one way that people pick their lottery numbers is to not. They let the computer take care of it for them. These are called Easy Picks and they’re called that because they’re super easy. You just push a single button and the computer randomly assigns you a set of numbers. From there, you just wait and see what the winning numbers are. It’s especially easy if you’re playing online, like with Easy Picks are popular because they’re so simple and anyone can have a ticket in moments, rather than trying to go through the number selection process. 

  1. Personal Significance 

Another popular strategy is to choose numbers that have some type of personal significance. That might mean a birthday or an anniversary or lucky numbers. Many people like to look for ways to make their numbers fit into something important in their lives and that means they might create a string of numbers that they believe is going to win based on how they feel.

  1. Math

Yes, there are people out there who like to math their way through it. These individuals look at the odds and look at the previous winning numbers from the lottery game they’re playing. They might look at months or even years’ worth of winning numbers to determine which numbers come up the most frequently and the least. They’ll determine the number they think is going to win based on that math. This one can take quite a bit of work, but those who do it definitely believe that it gives them the best chances.

  1. Previous Wins

Some people believe that numbers that won previously are going to be the big winners again at some point. Or they feel like numbers that won on a different lottery game must be lucky on other games. So, they might look up previous winning numbers and play those numbers in a different game. This gives quite a large pool of numbers to choose from as well, however the individual will generally play a set of numbers that won previously, which makes it different from the math version above. 

  1. Lucky Numbers

Have you ever gotten a fortune cookie that had your ‘lucky numbers’ in it? Well, there are a lot of people who like to play those numbers as well. After all, those numbers are randomly assigned to you and there could be something to that, right? Well, there’s no way to know for sure, and some people like to give them a shot at being true lucky numbers. It does give you a completely new number to try and there’s not much to suggest that your odds would be any better or worse if you try out this strategy. 

Overall, any of these strategies could be the one for you. Maybe it’s the one that’s going to help you strike it rich and win a huge jackpot. There’s no way to know what’s going to win or how it’s all going to happen, so why not go with the method that means the most to you?