Greater Options for the Perfect WordPress Safety

For me, verifying my WordPress website for the Google webmaster tools took quite a long time. Eventually it succeeded after several google promotions. We initially wanted to do it via Yeast seo-plugin, but we didn’t succeed. You can read below how we did. With toto-rox you can have the best choices now.

Do you have a login account for Google Analytics and Google webmaster tools? Have you added your website to Webmaster Tools? The webmaster tools then automatically indicate that you still have to verify.

You can choose from:

Recommended methods

Alternate (alternative) method

Choose recommended and click on the ‘a-synchronous tracking code’ link. Now you are in Google Analytics. Copy the tracking code here.

You see as an instruction that you have to paste the code on the homepage into the head function.

We have now addressed it in Word Press as follows:

Go to ‘view’ and ‘editor’, on the right you see a list of templates. Open the template header.

Now you see <head> HTML codes </head>. We pasted the verification code just before “</head>. Then click to save.

Now go back to Webmaster Tools and on the page where you also got the verification code, click on the green verify button.

Hooray your website has been verified and you can use Google Webmaster Tools.

Verify site via Yeast seo plugin

Via the SEO tool of Yeast (recommended) there is also a possibility in the menu under Titles to enter and verify the verification code of Google Webmaster Tools. Only we did not succeed because we could not find the code. According to this page, he should insert a code that starts with wipe. So we couldn’t find that code anywhere. Perhaps this is the same code as the HTML tag. We must say that we did not try that (blonde).

Google Search Console (formerly Google webmaster tools) is a free tool for website owners whose main purpose is to see how Google sees your website.

Read here how you can get Google Search Console for your website in just a few minutes.

Installation step-by-step plan

To start installing Google Search Console for your website you need:

A Google account (which you also use for Analytics, AdWords, Docs, Gmail, etc.)

Access your website via FTP or Word Press with Yeast SEO plugin

A Google account does not have to be Gmail. You can create a new Google account here. If you want to use your own e-mail address you can do this here.

Step 1: Log in with your Google Account

  • Create a Google Account or log in with your existing account on Google Webmaster Tools
  • Install Google Webmaster Tools

Step 2: Add your website URL

Add a property to Webmaster Tools. In this case, the Property is the URL of your own website . Sometimes a property is also called ‘PROPERTY’. Click on ‘ADD PROPERTY’

Step 3: Verify your website

Verify the property according to the recommended method by uploading an HTML verification file to the server on which the website is located. This requires access to the server and is best done via an FTP Client. If you do not have access to the server, ask for help from the administrator.