Fun Christmas Games for Everyone

It’s that time of year again, when family and friends get together and share that magical holiday spirit at Christmas. One way to make sure you have the best Christmas ever is to arm yourself with some fun family games that everyone can play, and have the time of your life this Christmas.

Christmas games are fun; you can use them as icebreakers or as a way to get people in the Christmas spirit. Choosing the right Christmas game for your party, whether it’s a party for kids or a gathering of adults, might just turn your event into the party of the season!

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So pop on your Christmas Santa hat, gather some essential supplies, and give some of these fun, festive Christmas games a try during this festive season.

Planning a party or having a home full of family and friends? Being armed with some fun activities will ensure everyone is kept busy, happy and has a great time. Here are just a few:

Santa’s Hat – now here’s a game that you can start just as soon as people begin arriving at your party or home.

  • When each person arrives, hand them a Santa hat to wear. Tell them to not take it off until you give them the signal, which will be when you take your own Santa hat off.
  • Let people meet others, mingle and chat for a while until they seem to have forgotten about the game.
  • When you feel that everyone is sufficiently distracted, take off your own Santa hat, and keep a lookout for the person who notices and copies you, taking their Santa hat off also.
  • The person who is last to remove their hat loses the game, and can start the following game.
  • If you know the people well, you could also introduce some kind of forfeit for the loser.

Two-by-Two to the North Pole – this game makes a great ice-breaker for kids and adults, and is sure to make everyone laugh. Best of all, the rules of the game are so simple even kids will get them instantly.

  • Get people to stand facing each other in two parallel lines, preferably at opposite sides of the room.
  • Hand each person standing in one of the lines a card with the name of a North Pole animal written on it.
  • Hand matching cards to those people standing in the other line.
  • Explain to everyone that they will have a minute to think about their animal, and that when you say “go!” they have to act out their animal and find the person in the other line with the matching animal.
  • This can be hilarious – especially as no talking is allowed!

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