Different casino bonuses

Casino games normally have bonuses you can enjoy as a gambler; these bonuses are awarded differently according to some conditions. Many bonuses are realized in online casinos more than what is offered in traditional casinos. Not all games can use the awarded bonuses and so you should understand which bonuses are applicable to which games. How well do you know these bonuses and how can you get them? Here are some of the common bonuses and how they are given out.

  1. No deposit bonuses

This is one of the most common bonuses that are awarded to gamblers on the online casino, this bonus does not require any deposit before it is given, you only have to register and you will get the bonus. Depending on the casino, it can be automatically being credited in your account or you will need to claim it. However, there can be limitations when you use this kind of a bonus depending on the casino

  1. Match bonus

This bonus is directly opposite top the no deposit bonus; here you will need to make a deposit before you are given a bonus. The amount of bonus given is dependent on the deposit you make, this means they have to make match with what you have deposited and a certain percentage of the deposit is given as a bonus. Some casinos will give up to 100 percent of the deposited amount. This bonus is only given to these gamblers who are joining for the very first time and they have made their very first deposit

  1. Sticky bonus

This is the kind of a bonus that is given to a gambler but they cannot be withdrawn, you will need to play with the bonus and when you make a winning, you can only withdraw what you have gained over the bonus and the amount must be higher than the initial bonus amount and after you withdraw the mount that you have gained from the bonus, the bonus will be taken away.

  1. Loyalty bonus

This is the kind of bonus which are given to those players that have been on the platform for a long time, however, this is different from one casino to another, there are those that will require a gambler to have met some amount of cash to be given the bonus while others will not have a limit, just as long as you have been on the online casino for a long time.

  1. Free money bonus

This is bonus that is given after a first deposit but it does not depend on the amount you deposit, it is just the same mount, for instance, whether you are depositing 50 dollars or  100 dollars, you will still get the same amount of bonus that is set.

In summary, for you to get to this bonus, you need to be a member registered to the casino for you to get the bonuses.

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