Criteria for choosing a slot machine

The range of slot titles on the market is so wide that it is difficult to make an accurate choice. Yet there are several criteria for selecting a slot machine that will meet the needs of every player.

One of the first criteria to consider is certainly the volatility rate of a slot machine.

Volatility rate: what is it?

The volatility rate is a very useful parameter for selecting the right slot machine, optimizing the chances of winning. Indeed, volatility is a concrete indicator of the frequency and size of profits on a given slot machine.

Therefore, a high volatility online slot machine will offer substantial gains, but less often. Conversely, a low volatility will bring smaller, though more frequent, winnings. 

Choosing between a low, medium or high volatility digital, always depends on your gambling style and goals.

How to find out the volatility of a slot machine?

If you want to find out the volatility of a slot machine, you can go to the game card in the information section. Usually, all the information about the slot title appears there. 

Alternatively, you can visit the provider’s website and search for the data sheet of the game in question. If you cannot find the information this way, you can write to the gaming site where you would like to bet. They are usually very responsive and helpful with potential customers.

The Rate of Return to Player (RTP) 

Another key tool for selecting the perfect slot is the payout ratio also called Return to Player (RTP). This is the average percentage of winnings paid out on a slot machine, compared to the bets made. Commonly, the RTP of the best online slots is between 94% and 99%, but it is advisable to choose a game with at least 96%. 

Government Agencies in countries where gambling activities are legal, have the duty of checking that the online casinos are functioning properly and monitor that the games conform to what is stated. Generally, the RTP value is indicated in the games’ information. If not indicated in the info, you can always visit the website of the provider that released the game title.

What characteristics do the best online slots have?

Along with volatility and RTP, the best slot gratis machines have features such as symbol cascades (Avalanche mode) that can enliven your gameplay. 

In fact, with the Avalanche option, symbols that land on the slot reels – if they form a winning combination – will cause the winning symbols to be removed and replaced by new symbols while the winnings are being counted. 

This option can cause potential winnings to multiply accordingly. The Respin function is also particularly popular with bettors and allows a line to be replayed by reactivating an additional bet. Respins are similar to free spins, and can potentially change the outcome of a game, increasing the chances of winning.

Conclusion on criteria for choosing a slot machine

As we have seen, choosing a slot machine involves not only informing yourself about the theme of the game or any Casino Bonuses to take advantage of, but also evaluating a few key parameters.


Considering in fact the volatility of a slot machine and the RTP, give an initial idea of the style of play a slot machine is able to offer.

Always remember, however, that whichever type of online game you choose, it is essential to manage your budget as well as possible and be aware of the risks involved in real money betting.

All slot machines have their own way of working and if you want to have an informed gaming experience, it is essential to study the characteristics of each game in advance. 

If, on the other hand, you just want to have fun without betting for real money, there are still free demo versions of slot machines where you can explore the game interface without spending.