Couple miss out on Oz Lotto millions after boyfriend got his girlfriend’s birthday wrong!

A couple in Australia might need some money for relationship counselling after missing out on Oz Lotto jackpot after the man got his girlfriend’s birthday wrong. The Oz Lotto draw from February 21st 2017 was almost jackpotted and would have been if the guy had known better!

“I honestly thought her birthday was on the 6th, you can’t imagine how many times I have kicked myself since for getting it wrong!”

Not only does he have to deal with angry girlfriend now for not knowing her birthday but also the fact they he didn’t know the correct date resulted in them missing out $5,000,000 and instead winning just over $4,000. Now that is an expensive Oz Lotto mistake!

Despite what happened, the couple remain together. When we spoke to the woman she said that she “can’t believe what an idiot he was, he’s bought me presents on my birthday for 3 years straight, it’s not as if he didn’t know” The Oz Lotto for some reason made him draw a blank when it came to his partner’s birthday.

Despite the recent bad luck, both seemed happy when we spoke to them and said that they would continue playing the Oz lotto, and with the right numbers from now on. “look, we still won something, $4,000 is still $4,000 and we only have this money now thanks to the Oz Lotto.”

The couple said that they would play both numbers from now on just to avoid the possibility of something like this happening again. They have decided to use a wheeling method with their favorite numbers for future draws, this is the only way they can be sure that they will win it all if their numbers come in.

We hope that they win something in time for her next birthday present, hopefully it will be given to her on the right date!

The Oz Lotto is an Australian lottery that has become very popular with online players from all around the world thanks to its extremely good odds and tax free winnings. The Oz Lotto is the most popular lottery in Australia & also goes by the name “The Big 7” as you need to match 7 Oz Lotto numbers to jackpot as opposed to the more standard 6/45 format of all the other Australian lotteries.

The Oz Lotto usually has the biggest jackpots out of all the Australian draws & is by far the most popular lottery for overseas and online players. The Oz Lotto has a draw every Tuesday and a minimum jackpot of $5 million.

The moral of this Oz Lotto story is: Don’t forget your girlfriend’s birthday.

We wish the couple good luck for any future draws and hope she forgives him quickly!

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