Biggest Sports Upsets in History


Many of the biggest sports upsets in history have been unthinkable to the favored team. And sports upsets can be also seen in Singapore pools lives odds since this type of gamble can be dependent on luck at some points. They were favored to win the game, with the Russians winning five of six previous Olympic gold medals in ice hockey. Then, in the semifinals, the Russians faced a more inexperienced U.S. team, and the Americans scored two goals in the last period to win. That win, known as the ‘Miracle on Ice,’ is one of history’s most famous sports upsets.

In the NBA, superstars are the order of the day in the playoffs. The Warriors, the Lakers, and the Rockets are prime examples of such teams. In the playoffs of the 2017-18 season, the sixth-seeded Pelicans upset the third-seeded Trail Blazers, and Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday led their team to a series win. Meanwhile, the Trail Blazers were still licking their wounds as the season began.

Although the U.S. team may not understand the magnitude of this World Cup victory, the event was massive in global sport. The upset was a shock to many, and it came against the odds against better players, coaches, and traditions. The winning team showed remarkable dedication and love for their sport. There will never be another game quite like it. So, what is the biggest sports upset of all time? Think about it!

There are many examples of huge sports upsets which can also occur in Singapore pools sports odds. A classic example of this came in 2004. The Boston Red Sox had lost the World Series for 86 years but returned to win the American League Championship Series in 2004. They had been down by three games and were just one out away from being swept. No other team had returned from a 3-0 deficit in the ALCS. The victory was so great that many people still talk about today’s upset.

Here’s an informative and more detailed infographic from C2MBet that tackles more about the biggest sports upsets in history.


Biggest Sports Upsets in History