5 Legit Ways To Make Money Online in India

Internet has become the need of the hour. Almost everyone in India today has either a smartphone with 3G/4G connection or a laptop or desktop with a wired or Wi-Fi connection at home. Indians are using the internet for various reasons like entertainment, social media, research and development, etc. Recently, the concept of using the internet to make money has become popular. People are looking for various reliable websites that pay you for working over the internet, from the comfort of your house.

Below given are 5 legit ways that Indians can opt for to make some money online.

  1. Building a blog
    One of the most exciting ways to make money online is by building a blog. If you have a flair for writing, you can build and maintain a blog that can reach out to a large audience. Agreed, building a blog with real readership is difficult. However, if you stay focused and regularly update your blogs, you will be able to make some good money for sure. This may take some time, yet you need to be determined. Once you reach a certain point, things will become much easier for you.
  2. Sell things online
    This is another way through which you can make money online. In today’s e-commerce era, a lot of people have stopped visiting the shopping malls to buy products they require. They instead log on to a reliable website and shop for things online. E-shopping has simplified the lives of many. It is a brilliant ideal to tie up with any e-commercewebsite to sell products online. You can begin with small investments, and once you know you are doing well, you can expand your offerings. Selling just one particular product may help you create a brand of your own. You can build contacts and buy things from wholesalers and sell them online.
  3. Play legal games online
    Isn’t it cool that the internet allows you to make some money for playing your favorite game? A lot of people are opting for games like rummy to make some money. Rummy is a game of skills that has gained immense popularity recently. As playing rummy online is legal in India, you can get yourself registered to any reliable online rummy game site to begin playing the game. It is recommended to play free rummy games initially to learn the basics. Once you get thorough with the game, you can move on to cash games. Mostly, registering on such websites is free. Also, certain sites give you the opportunity to participate in freeroll tournaments.
  4. Social media
    Earning money through Facebook, Instagram, or twitter sounds so much fun. A lot of companies are looking for people who can handle their social media profile. If you thoroughly know about the features of these social media sites, you can handle the social media presence for any client. A social media expert can easily make around Rs15000 and more per month.
  5. Content writing
    E-commerce websites all over the world are looking for good content writers who can write about their products or websites. If you have a passion for writing, you can become a content writer. All you need to do is write about the various products that the client offers, in a manner that will please the reader to buy them.These are some simple ways that you can use to make some money from the comfort of your couch. The only investment that you would require is a strong internet connection and a laptop or desktop or smartphone.