What Do Your Cards Are Marked Mean?

When someone tells you that your playing cards can be marked, that is to say your cards will be processed with some traditional ways or with invisible ink. Although different poker players apply marked deck of cards for different purpose, their requirements for marked cards promote the development of card marking technology.

In the past, manufacturers were used to make marked cards by block-out, tinting and cut-out. These relatively mature card marking technologies had hit the poker cheating industry by storm. And the marked cards are not invisible to our human naked eyes. Then poker players can know the each card’s suit and number by reading the little flaws on their back at a close-up distance. However, after years and years of the same method used by hundreds and thousands of magicians, the secret was revealed and people become aware of this method. Even poker players now check the cards and flaws on the back of the deck of cards being used.

marked cards

Therefore, poker players would like to buy invisible ink marked cards rather than marked deck made by traditional ways. Why? Because invisible ink marked cards are totally flawless to our human naked eyes. People cannot read its back marks unless they wear red filtered poker perspective system. Thanks to the high quality luminous ink and professional card printing machine, the marked cards can be worked well when playing poker magic tricks. As long as players wear infrared contact lenses or perspective sunglasses, the marks on the back of poker will light up.

Besides, any material, any colors, and any sizes playing cards can be made into marked poker cards for poker perspective system. And you can also send us your cards for processing. As the professional manufacturer and supplier of poker cheating devices, our marked poker cards never disappoint our clients.