Luminous Ink Marked Cards Contact Lenses

infrared contact lenses

Luminous ink contact lenses can see through invisible cards marked with ink, while normal contact lenses cannot find the tricks associated with the marked card. We have also called them marked contact lenses.

Marked cards contact lenses with invisible ink cards are good for poker games while playing cards. Nobody will know your marked cards trick and glowing contact lenses.

At, we professionally sell luminous ink marked cards contact lenses.

Invisible Pen With Glasses

How do you read marked cards in Poker? There is no doubt that marked contact lenses are good to see through poker cards, but not everyone can use bright ink contact lenses. Marked cards glasses that can see invisible ink will do you a favor at poker games or magic shows.

We have marked cards glasses with ultimate tipped deck for sale. Invisible ink sunglasses will give you the best effect in magic tricks. More importantly, we also have an invisible pen with glasses so you can make your own decks of cards.

Marked Cards Poker

If you don’t yet know marked cards, Poker to play magic show games, fall behind from others. Why should I say that? Marked cards Poker are also called marked playing cards, which mark cards with invisible ink. Invisible ink is only visible to marked cards, contact lenses, or infrared ink glasses, but is blurry to the naked eye.

If you are a magician, marked decks of cards will help you run a show with glowing ink glasses. If you’re a poker player, you can see glowing ink marks on the back of glowing marked cards. Marked deck playing cards will do you a favor.