Sports Betting: Get More Value for Your Money

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Do you indulge in sports betting? What’s your winning percentage? How many returns have you made so far? Or, did you lose too much money? Most of the people lose because they don’t get the fundamentals and aren’t aware of the basics involved. But, you don’t have to worry anymore, because we are going to present you with some valuable tips that will not only make you win, but will also allow you to maximise returns.

So, here is how you can get more value from sports betting.

Set up multiple betting accounts

Every bookmaker concentrates on a particular market, which implies that not all of them offer the same value in different areas. So, set up multiple betting accounts so that you use multiple betting markets to your advantage.

Put bonus bets to good use

Several online betting websites offer bonus bets when you sign up for an account, place a bet, win a bet, reach out to customer service, or for some particular scenario. Make good use of these bets if you want to get more money. Generally, you can configure your bonus bets into smaller amounts. Select these carefully, because usually, you aren’t allowed to change them after you have made a submission. Since a single bonus bet coupon is usually allowed for a specific race or event, you should spilt them carefully.

Divide your balance into several units

So that you don’t end up losing all of your money in a few goes. What amount do you have with you? Or more precisely, how much money are you willing to spend on betting? Whatever this number is, divide it into smaller units; 50 is a good choice. So for instance, if you have $1000, you divide it into 50 units; each unit is then equal to $20.

Now you would better recognise the stake value, which allows you to plan your betting spending in a better way.

Maintain a record

Self-reflection is often underrated, but it is only when you reflect back that you realise where you went wrong, what you would have done better, and what you did not do right. Avoid doing the wrong again, and continue doing the right. Where should you stop focusing on? Where should you focus more? Ponder over all of these aspects, and use the insights to optimise your bets.

This also gives you an accurate picture of your winnings and losing so far.

Avoid huge accumulators

Your winning chances are more when your selections are fewer. But despite this, many betters approach unwisely. If you do want to increase winnings from a specific bet slip, then just increase units on outcomes about which you are certain, rather than adding other outcomes about which you have less knowledge. This only increases uncertainty, and reduces your winning chances.

Try out in-play betting

In-play betting provides a more solid base to form your predictions on. So, even if an outcome appears unlikely at the start of the game, chances can increase as the play progresses. With in-play betting, you can use this opportunity and make more accurate predictions.