Some facts that are not much known about Online Gambling Licenses

When a player decides on which online casino game to play, he generally never checks where that particular casino game is licensed to. But as a user, you should be aware of and should try not to get easily distracted to the attractive graphics and flashing lights that are offered by the gaming apps. Before joining an online casino be assured that you are playing a genuine game and that your money is in safe hands. Know some important factors that are to be checked before you start an online casino game. You can play online casino game through

What is a gambling license?

A gambling license is a certificate of authority. To be more precise this document is issued by the gaming control board and is offered to those sites or establishments that are involved in offering table games to the public. Many reliable casino games have started their business after they have obtained a gambling license. The license is an indicator of transparency and helps in determining that the game you are going to invest in is secure.

There are some things and facts that you don’t know about gambling but should be aware if you play online casino games. Let us look at some points of discussion :

  • No attention paid by the players on license – When you are about to play an online game related to the casino then you should be careful about it. Since when you register in such gaming apps you need to give some personal details such as name, date of birth, payment information, address, etc. Make sure that you don’t provide any confidential information such as card details etc. Therefore, when you are selecting a casino game you should also check for a gambling license to check whether the app is reliable or not. For example, com is an authentic website that offers online casino games. Licenses help to gain the trust of the public and they know that the game is from a genuine provider.
  • All gambling licenses are not equally reliable – Gambling license is issued by various jurisdictions worldwide. There are some requirements of that jurisdiction and after those requirements are met by the casino it is then the jurisdiction issues gambling license for that casino. Some popular bodies that issue gambling license are :
  1. Malta Gaming Authority
  2. Gibraltar Gambling Commission
  3. AAMS License
  4. UK Gambling Commission
  5. Dutch Gaming Authority

How would you know whether a casino is licensed?

The online casinos generally display their gambling license in their footer. To check it scroll to the bottom of their homepage and there is a stamp that indicates the place that particular online casino is registered with. The UK Gambling Commission has a search page where you can check the name of an online game to check whether it is registered and has a license. You get to know about the games that are in the process of applying for a gambling license as well.