Reviews of fruit mania slot game

There are several slot games available with different pay lines and betting rules on the gambling websites. Slot games are relatively easy as compared to other card or betting games and hence preferred by gamblers world over. You can play these slot games in land-based casinos as well as on online and mobile app based casinos. One such amazing and user-friendly slot game is fruit mania slot. This game is super easy, fun to play and best slot game for fruit lovers.

Fruit mania slot is a 5 liner game that has been developed by play Tech Company. you can play this game with as low as $0.05 Bet amount per spin. The account of bet can be higher if you are playing the game with a progressive jackpot. Not all websites and casinos offer the game with a jackpot. If you want to pay fruit mania slots with a low bet amount, then choose a website or a casino that does not have jackpots for this game. But even if you are a jackpot hungry person you can bet for jackpot for as low as 0.25$ per line. This gives you a potential to earn as much as $120000. Some casinos also offer jackpots as high as $550000 with low bets per line. With just a low bet of 0.25$ per line for 5 pay lines, this high amount of jackpots is a marvelous fortune amount.

Evolution of fruit mania

The fruit mania slots game is an old game and the graphics and the gameplay is quite simple and also the sound effects are minimal but it gives a good feel of playing slots in a real-time environment. You can win the game if you get five of each kind of symbol in a line. There are no wildcard symbols in this game but still, this simple game has a lot of potentials to win. The game is highly addictive especially if you are a big fruit lover. The game is highly preferred as it is cheaper to play this game as compared to several other slot games so if you get a loss also then it won’t be much big. Hence at least new gamblers highly prefer this game.

The game has simple and amazing graphics for attracting players. The only negative thing about the game is that the casinos do not offer any sort of deposit bonus for this game. But it is very easy to win in this game and so it is highly preferred game. The symbols included in the game include basic fruit symbols, bells, sevens and also bars. When you level up in the game then you can get bonus symbols, and other free game symbols and bonus features are enabled.

The slot has basic fruit symbols, sevens, bells, and bars. There are also bonus symbols level up symbol, free games symbol which triggers bonus features.

You should look forward to playing this game soon. It would really be a wonderful experience.