Poker variants that you can play online

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Most of us have heard about Texas Hold’Em as it’s widely recognized as the most famous poker game of all time. There are however tens of different variations to poker which you might’ve not heard before. If you are a poker player who is looking to add other games to their repertuar, please follow along, you might end up getting good tips for your next game you’d like to try out!

Omaha Hi

The best way to describe Omaha is to say that its Texas Hold’Em, played with 4 cards. Omaha is the more crazier and variance-rich version of Hold’Em and it’s extremely popular amongst poker player. The rules of Omaha are fairly simple. Like in Hold’Em, there will be a Flop, Turn and a River. Each player will receive 4 cards and in order to win, one must form a best possible poker hand by using exactly two cards from your hand, and three (3) from the table. In Texas Hold’Em you could only use one of the cards that are dealt to you, but not in Omaha.

Omaha is almost always played as PL (Pot Limit) because NL (No Limit) would just be simply too extreme as there are a lot of situations where people go all in after the flop in Omaha. The best possible starting hand in Omaha is AAKKds, (ds refers to double suited).

5 Card Draw

5 Card Draw is one of the most earliest versions of poker games we’ve ever taught. It super simple and it requires quite the less skill than other poker variants out there. It’s only problem is that most online poker rooms won’t have that many tables running for 5 Card Draw due to the lack of interest amongst players.

5 Card Draw is a simple game where each player receives 5 cards and everyone can change 1-4 cards as they wish. Best possible poker hand will win the pot. Five Card Draw is usually played as a Pot Limit as well.

Omaha 5

If you’re looking a super high variance variant, look no more. Omaha 5 is exactly like normal Omaha, but for this version players will receive 5 cards instead 4. It doesn’t sound like a big change but trust us, it is. Omaha 5 is not for everyone and the most important thing about playing it is understanding its variance mechanisms. You can’t play Omaha 5 and expect to sail from pot to pot victoriously because there will be a lot of situation where you are forced to go all in and take a 50/50 coin flip against other players.

Try them out

If you’re interested of trying out different poker games, please visit and find yourself a suitable place to play on! Make sure you read all the game rules carefully before starting your sessions, as not understanding the rules fully might end up having you at the losing end of multiple big pots in the future!