Parx Casino Makes Pennsylvanian Sports Betting Online a Pleasure

Sports betting online is common in some countries. The United States was slow in adopting the technology. Regulations presented obstacles that limited access to online bookmakers. This is changing. Much of the reason is due to the efforts of Parx Casino. The respected Pennsylvania casino worked with regulators and technology innovators to develop a suitable product for the northeast region of America.

About Parx Casino

Parx Casino built a reputation through its horse racing venue. It grew into the area’s largest casino estate. There are a wide range of activities available on-site at Parx. These include:

  • sports betting
  • racing
  • sportsbook
  • online gambling
  • events
  • special entertainment

There are two things that Parx offers its guests better than other casinos in the region. The most recent addition is its online sportsbook designed with Pennsylvania punters in mind. This will surely lay the foundation for more extravagant gaming options in the future. The other advantage of choosing Parx if your a Pennsylvanian punter (or will be visiting the northeastern United States) is its schedule of events.

With Parx, Pennsylvanians have a reputable establishment that is licensed by the PA Gaming Control Board. It is more than a casino. Parx is a comprehensive entertainment venue. It is complete with a nightlife and celebrity performances. The list of entertainment at Parx might seem limitless. Below is a taste of what one can expect:

  • cocktails
  • live performances
  • music
  • fine dining
  • shows at the Xcite Center

Why Sports Betting Online with Parx

The question you might be asking, if Parx’s brick and mortar facilities are this successful, why venture out into the online space at all? This is how fast online sportsbooks are growing. Parx is not an administration that gets complacent. Its success comes from striving to be the best. In fact, it was Parx that worked with regulators to help find answers to important issues that would result in the expansion of the state’s gaming laws.

Parx is also an innovator. It employed the services of a cutting edge provider of gaming technology to develop a mobile app that bring its sports betting online. Some of the features of the Parx Online Casino include:

  • $500 risk-free initial bets
  • 5,000 in virtual credits
  • daily login bonuses
  • match bonus
  • new promotional offers

Sports Betting Online for Every Experience Level

All levels of punters will find something at Parx. It’s easy access and use mobile platform get new players up in running in no time. More experienced punters will have a wealth of options to keep them entertained day after day. The Parx app is well thought out. It is not just an access point for the brick and mortar casino. Parx leverages online technology to create a new experience. Veteran punters have options that include:

  • straight bets/props
  • spread
  • moneyline
  • total (over/under)
  • props
  • parlay
  • teaser

With the legalization of Pennsylvanian sports betting Parx opened up the gaming markets. All major markets are made available from professional/college football and basketball to baseball, hockey, golf, soccer, MMA, and more. What makes all this even more exciting for PA punters is how Parx still promotes its sportsbook as ‘new’. What will the future hold? Certainly more exciting options that entertain and thrill minds.