Online Casino Poker As Per the Deals

In stud poker, each player must place a different initial bet for the blinds. These are the antes. Then, each player is dealt two cards, one of which has an exposed face. The player who has the smallest apparent card will have to bring another compulsory bet, the bring-in. We then proceed to the betting rounds, and with each hand, the dealer will distribute a face-up card to each player. The auction continues until the distribution of the last card and the final phase of the showdown. Stud poker is an older version of Texas Hold’em, but less played. This variant is generally practiced by small circles of enthusiasts. In the absence of community cards, stud poker is generally more difficult than the other variants.


  • Courchevel is a variant of the five-card Omaha at Casino Metropol giriş. Remember that during a 5 card Omaha game, each player is dealt 5 cards instead of 4 as in the standard game. In Courchevel, each player also receives 5 cards, but the first community card is revealed in a pre-flop. This card is placed in the center of the table, it is called the “flop” or the “pacifier”. This difference accentuates the importance of the stakes, it is moreover at the origin of the reputation of Courchevel as a game of “big hands”. To form its combination, each player must use two private cards and three community cards. There is also a variant of Courchevel Hi-lo. The qualifying low hands in this version consist of 5 cards up to a maximum of 8.


The Cash Game

Cash games are a faster variant of Texas Hold’em. We stay in the same game rules, but the actions are more fluid. First, the game begins as soon as there are enough players seated, even two. The height of the blind is constant. Unlike tournaments, it is a flexible and unranked game, where you can stay only 10 minutes, where you win what you win, but where you also lose more easily. This variant is not recommended for beginners, because there is a lot of risk. We invite you to read a poker guide, to consult a good poker book, and even to take poker lessons before embarking on this type of game. Of course, prior training is also beneficial, especially poker tournaments free on the internet. Playing poker without money is the best way to get your hands on it.

Poker heads-up

Also called One-on-one, the Heads-up is a poker duel corresponding to the variant concerned, when there are only two players left at the table. Thus, one can practice Texas Hold’em, Omaha or Stud Heads-up. The heads-up is distinguished by the number of players limited to two, which implies great changes in strategy. Already, the probability in poker of having high value cards is greater. Players can raise as many times as they want, and even if heads-up is not strictly speaking a rule variant, it is a discipline in its own right. Players benefit from practicing this type of poker to better cope with duel competitions.