How to play 918Kiss Online game in Malaysia? 

You will get to try your luck and win amazing rewards with amazing gaming skills that you have if you start playing 918Kiss online game. This amazing online game has more than 100+ games on it. All of the games are different from each other and have different themes. You will surely find one according to your preference. Therefore, before getting down to winning you need to know how to 918Kiss Online game in Malaysia.    

  • Step 1: Get your account registered:  

You will need to create an account first at the official link of 918Kiss. For getting an account registered, you will be asked certain information. You will need to enter them all. Be assured that your privacy will be maintained at all times. All the information that you will enter will remain safe. For getting more information or help for registering your account, you can call up the customer support of 918Kiss. 

  • Step 2: Download the app:  

Once you get your account successfully registered you will get the link for downloading the app for playing 918Kiss. The app can be downloaded on both android and as well as IOS without any fuss. Be assured that you will not be getting junks or viruses to your cell phone as the download links have been made secure for usage. Once, you get the app downloaded you can begin playing games.  

  • Step 3: Start depositing money:  

After getting your account settled down you will have your ID and password details. You will need to start depositing money to your account so that you can start betting and begin playing instantly. 918Kiss accepts money deposits and cash transfers from almost all banks available in Malaysia. Be assured that the process of money transfer will be done in a very secure format.  

  • Step 4: Withdrawing rewards:  

You will be playing to be winning. Which is an obvious thing! After playing the games, you can withdraw the winnings from your account instantly or any other time that you prefer. It will take 5 minutes or even less for winnings withdrawal. You will get the support of the helping line of 918Kiss if you need any for the withdrawal of your winnings.  


To sum up, after reaching the end of this whole piece of information, you surely have been enlightened regarding how to play 918Kiss online game in Malaysia. So wait no more, start playing and applying all the skills you have and win amazing rewards.