While you might vile away your time on the online casino websites using fake money you might not be aware that these casinos have become a great place to mint money on the side if you know how to do it properly. When you go on the online casinos websites you might wonder how to assure that if you are registering your bank account on these casino websites you are not in for a scam.

You will be glad to know that these casinos function just like any standing casino in Macau, Las Vegas or Mexico or any other casino in the world.  Before starting to play you have to deposit some money online and then you can make your wagers.

Coming to online Jackpot slots which are a real deal in the online casino websites the money is paid in full. How it will be paid is the big question. Some pay you instantly, some take months while some are not even able to pay you in years if the amount is too huge.

Progressive Jackpots in the online gaming world are generally paid off by the game developers except when you hit a jackpot and the developer cannot pay off such a huge amount.

In case of very high payment value like hundred thousand dollars or so you will be paid in installments. The installments as mentioned on the online casino websites may range from two thousand to three thousand dollars per month. If you are registered on some big websites like provides players with up-to-date info, including the latest progressive jackpot amounts, you can make regular debit from your account. So choose wisely. Do the research work and then opt for the website for your online casino fun time.

While a regular amount retrieval policy is also good enough, there are some exceptional online casinos which pay you out front. Such online progressive jackpots have large value bids only and ridiculously high registration fees. They cater to the people with huge appetite to win and big pockets to spend.