Difference between Playing Online Poker and Live Poker

The lovers of poker who are planning to shift Indonesia must note that there are no legal gambling casinos for poker. But still, you can enjoy playing poker online Indonesia because there are now many sites that offer free online poker games.

Older adults who like to play the game in its traditional form, which is playing poker in a casino, will have difficulty in finding a legal casino in Indonesia. Therefore it is better to switch over online platforms of poker. Below are some points that will indicate how online poker and live poker are similar yet distinct from each other at the same time:

Travel and Time

For playing poker in a casino, you will have to find a legal and reliable casino in the town where you can only play for real money. Whereas playing poker on an online platform will allow you to play conveniently at home or anywhere you want to. Online poker is best because you do not have to spend on other things like buying chips to play. There are no time constraints with online poker, whereas casinos have time limitations.


The poker enthusiasts wait eagerly for the poker tournaments to take place. These tournaments are full of challenges and thrills. You will be able to meet different players from different locations or regions, which increases the level of the game. But sadly, for a live tournament to take place in your town, you may have to wait for ages. Because there some countries and places where gambling and betting are not legal. But with online poker games, you can participate and enjoy various tournaments that take place every other day.


In casinos, you may find some strange personalities with whom you will have to play if they are on your table, which can turn up to a disappointment. You may not find good competitors as well in a casino. But on an online poker platform, you can select and invite your friends to play with you. Some online platforms also allow you to invite your friends via social networking sites such as Facebook. With this facility, you can easily select your opponents and players to have healthy yet competitive gameplay.

Cash Free

If you are among somebody who loves to play poker in a casino, then you would be aware of the fact that you require to buy some chips even to begin the game. In casinos, it is not sure that every time you will win the game, you can lose a significant amount as well while playing. Whereas on online platforms, you can play for free as well. There are no chances of loss. You can play poker for free as much as you want without putting up your real money in the game.

Well, that’s all about the differences between playing online poker and live poker. If anytime you are coming to Indonesia, you can go for poker online Indonesia to enjoy the thrill of poker.