4 Critical Mistakes Beginners Make in Online Poker

Treating every player in the room the same, not understanding and using basic mathematics, and playing too many tables – these are the common mistakes made by new players to the online poker realm. Some of these errors are still made by avid professionals. However, know that there’s no better teacher than experience.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to read an article or two about the mistakes people make in online poker. After all, you can’t solely rely on experience if you want to keep your chips intact. Here are some grave mistakes that newbie players make when they first try to get their hands wet in the world of online poker.

Treating Every Player in the Room the Same

Each person is unique; as such, we exhibit different skills, talents, and play styles when playing online poker. In the beginning, some players would base the playability of their current hands and not gauge the strengths of each player in the room or table. This critical blunder will show that you’re mainly concerned about yourself and not the game. Some players might even take numerous games before they can correct this miscalculation. Make your decisions by looking at a combination of the current hand strength, the odds of winning, player tendencies, and chip stacks. In doing so, you’ll stay alive longer than others on the table.

Not Using Basic Math

Many new online players treat poker as nothing more than an ordinary card game. However, let’s not forget that you can win real money by playing this “ordinary card game.” Some of us hate the idea of math when we’re at school, so it doesn’t make sense to use it when we’re gambling, right? WRONG! Don’t be too lazy to check the odds or count the chips of your opponents before making a move. If you just follow your gut instinct, then you’re going to lose more than initially intended.

Not Spicing It Up

The basics of poker are there to keep us from losing, but if you just follow the basics and don’t mix it up a bit, then you’re just going to play into the hands of experienced players. Since most beginners of online poker already know the bare essentials, veterans can take advantage of this setup. For example, if there’s a high opportunity for you to double-up, then your opponents can gauge your actions and you might just get played into doing it. In the end, you might do it and end up losing as other players will have a stronger hand than you.

Always Rushing In

Remember the old saying, “Only fools rush in?” Well, apply that thought when you’re playing online poker. Don’t let your ego get the best of you. Unless you don’t have a Royal Straight Flush, then continue to play defensively. Never go all-in unless you’ve already considered all the odds that you already have the best possible hand in the set.

Now that you know these critical errors beginners make in online poker, perhaps it’s now time to test your newfound knowledge and understanding of the game by heading to 99 poker.